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The Most Unique Lifting Equipment

Because construction jobs come in many varieties and can differ so much in nature, they often need specialised equipment to complete. The lifting equipment required depends on the job and industry it is in. There are a few less typical lines of work which need a particularly interesting piece of kit, however. You should make sure you know about all the available types of lifting equipment so that you’ll get the best thing for the job you’re doing. Take a look at these amazing pieces of lifting equipment!

Unique Crane Types You May Not Know About

Floating Cranes

© Tvabutzku1234 (Wikimedia Commons)

Ever wonder how huge bridges can be constructed over water? It turns out that floating cranes often have a lot to do with these feats of engineering. Transported on ships, they are often simply used to move loads around on the ship itself. However, specialised units have been know to help install pylons for large channel bridges. These cranes have even been known to recover shipwrecks from the bottom of the ocean.

Railroad Cranes

As the name suggests, these cranes are used for the construction of railways. They have wheels designed to fit on the track like a train and can therefore move down the track themselves. Railroad cranes are used for construction, repair and maintenance.

Aerial Cranes

© Mark Holloway (Flickr)

Aerial cranes are those which have been mounted a helicopter to lift and drop equipment in otherwise inaccessible areas. They also have military applications and often drop supplies and even vehicles at bases.

The Most Powerful Lifting Equipment in the World

Liebherr Mobile Crane

© Joergens.mi (Wikimedia Commons)

The Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 is the most powerful mobile crane ever built. It is able to hoist an enormous 1200 metric tons, and the boom extends to 100 metres. It’s the ideal machine for extremely heavy lifting in situations where you’ll want to move between different areas.

Pictured is a much smaller Leibherr model with a similar design.

Thialf Semi-Submersible Crane

© BoH (Wikimedia Commons)

The SSCV Thialf is considered the largest crane vessel in the world, and is able to use its two cranes to lift a combined 14,200 metric tons. It was constructed in 1985 and carries up to 736 people. This crane was also responsible for fitting the pylon for the Erasmus Bridge in the Netherlands in 1995. This crane is so impressive that it literally got its name from the servant of Thor in Norse mythology.

Featured Image: © @vics_pics (Unsplash)

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