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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Tilt Bin Storage Boxes

From: £13.84

These view bin tilt storage boxes make an ideal system for dust-free storage or display of small parts for the warehouse, workshop or retail environment. Ideal for van storage when used with the locking bars supplied.    Choose your size below.

Product Details

Tilt Bin Storage Boxes which are perfect for storing small items.

  • Units may be stacked or wall mounted
  • Totally transparent to view your product easily
  • The storage bins tilt forward for access and are easily removable
  • All units are 600mm wide allowing modular assembly

Tilt bins are available in 5 sizes:

  • Number of compartments – 9.  64mm high x 47mm wide x 45mm deep.  Overall unit 76mm high x 600mm wide x 68mm deep
  • Number of compartments – 6.  95mm high x 78mm wide x 70mm deep.  Overall unit 112mm high x 600mm wide x 94mm deep
  • Number of compartments – 5.  145mm high x 100mm wide x 105mm deep.  Overall unit 164mm high x 600mm wide x 135mm deep
  • Number of compartments – 4.  185mm high x 125mm wide x 140mm deep.  Overall unit 206mm high x 600mm wide x 177mm deep – BEST SELLER
  • Number of compartments – 3.  215mm high x 175mm wide x 160mm deep.  Overall unit 240mm high x 600mm wide x 214mm deep

These tilt bin storage boxes can also be used for van storage as they come complete with locking bars.

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