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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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System Flow Storage Trolley

From: £343.30 excl. VAT From: £295.66 excl. VAT

These system flow storage trolleys come in static or mobile models which can be customised with a louvre or perforated panel and tray shelves. They are available in two widths: 680 and 1000mm.

Product Details

This system flow storage trolley is designed for storage of tools and picking bins as it can be customised with perforated or louvre panels.

Our system flow storage trolleys are available as a stand or a trolley with swivel braked castors

  • The system flow trolleys can be customised with:
    • Shelf with 20mm high rim
    • Louvre panel for picking bins
    • Perforated panel for hanging tools on spring clips
  • Panels & shelves can be mounted on both sides of the unit
  • Choice of 5 colours: red, green, blue, grey & light grey
  • UK Manufactured


  • Stand version height: 1520mm
  • Trolley version height: 1650mm
  • Choice of widths: 680 or 1000mm
  • Perforated & louvre panel size: 910mm high x 60mm deep x 630 / 930mm wide
  • Shelf size:  20mm high x 350mm deep x 600 / 900mm wide
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