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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Tipping Skips -Four Way Entry

From: £915.30

A range of tipping skips with a standard 3mm plate body with a 4 way entry base frame to enable easy positioning on site.  The skips are supplied as manual operation but automatic tipping at high level can be achieved by ordering the conversion kit to allow the driver to empty the skip without leaving the cab.

  • Capacities:  700kg, 900kg, 1200kg, 1600kg or 2200 kg
  • Nominal capacities: 0.5cu.m., 0.9cu.m.,1.2cu.m, 1.5cu.m or 1.8cu.m.
  • Max. fork section:  150 x 50mm at 675mm centres

Product Details

  • Tipping Skips for Forklifts applications with an auto empty option
  • If you want heavier materials than those detailed please ask. We can make them to suit all your needs and that includes lids, side extensions and drain plugs. 
  • click here to see also our stainless steel and galvanised range.
  • We make them for all industries so matching colour or anti-corrosion specifications is not a problem for us. If f you prefer a base empty skip, we make them too just click here to see them.
  • These Tipping skips have heel pins for attachment to the truck,  which are great for  Telehandler skip applications as it is possible to tip the fork down 90 degrees on most of them, so the heel pins stop accidental lost load.  
  • Low loading height
  • Reinforced leading edge and body sides
  • 4 way fork pocket entry
  • Secondary locking mechanism to prevent accidental discharge
  • The seams are fully welded to prevent leakage of fluids
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50mm at 675mm centres



tipping skip diagram

  • Capacity:  0.5 cu.m.   O/All size:  Length:  1450mm, Width: 1030mm, Height: 895mm.  Weight:  166 kg.  C of G:  760mm
  • Capacity:  0.9 cu.m.   O/All size:  Length:  1830mm, Width: 1060mm, Height: 1035mm.  Weight:  222 kg.  C of G:  785mm
  • Capacity:  1.2 cu.m.   O/All size:  Length:  1830mm, Width: 1300mm, Height: 1035mm.  Weight:  229 kg.  C of G:  725mm
  • Capacity:  1.5 cu.m.   O/All size:  Length:  1830mm, Width: 1560mm, Height: 1035mm.  Weight:  251 kg.  C of G:  685mm
  • Capacity:  1.8 cu.m.   O/All size:  Length:  18350mm, Width: 1560mm, Height: 1160mm.  Weight:  277 kg.  C of G:  650mm
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