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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Reel Pallet Truck

From: £1,068.30

A pallet truck designed with angled forks which is ideal for paper, textile, reel and cable drum handling. It has a capacity of 2000kgs and four choices of reel diameter.  These pallet trucks can also be designed to handle reels up to 2500mm in diameter with forks up to 2500mm long.

Product Details

A pallet truck ideal for handling reels and cylinders. It has capacity of 2000kgs and is suitable for reels from 400 to 600mm, 600 to 800mm, 800 to 1200mm and 1200 to 1600mm in diameter.

  • Designed for horizontal loads: rolls, reels, drum handling and other
  • Chassis reinforced at the ‘A’ frame for additional strength and robustness
  • Legs strengthened along length
  • Hydraulic pump & a hand control valve with slow lowering
  • All hydrualic functions can be easily controlled with finger tip operated 3 position control lever
  • Capacity 2000 kgs
  • CE marked

Overall size:

  • Fork length: 1000mm
  • Fork width: 760mm for 400/600mm reels, 850mm for reels 600/800mm, 1000mm for reels 800/1200mm and 1150mm for reels 1200/1600mm
  • 200 x 50mm steering wheels
  • 82 x 70mm roller tandems

Please check the widest point of your load to ensure you select the correct reel size.

Site visits and after sale service are available (full nationwide coverage of UK mainland).

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