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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Low Profile Pallet Truck-Semi Low and Extra Low

From: £435.00

A low profile, a semi low and and extra low pallet truck suitable for handling low pallets or stillages where a standard pallet truck will not fit.  3 different lift heights available.

  • Extra Low Profile – Lift height:   36-96mm – 1000kg capacity,
  • Low Profile – Lift height:   51-170mm – 1500kg capacity
  • Semi Low Profile – Lift height:   75-190mm – 2500kg capacity.

Product Details

A low profile pallet truck perfect for handling pallets where a standard truck will not fit.

  • Nylon steer wheels as standard
  • Tandem nylon load wheels as standard
  • Polyurethane and rubber wheels are also available- please contact us for details


1120 530 35-96 1000
1120 680 35-96 1000
1120 838 35-96 1000
1000 540 51-170 1500
1150 540 51-170 1500
1220 540 51-170 1500
1000 680 51-170 1500
1150 680 51-170 1500
1220 680 51-170 1500
900 450 75-190 2500
1000 450 75-190 2500
1150 540 75-190 2500
1220 540 75-190 2500
1150 680 75-190 2500
1220 680 75-190 2500

Low profile, semi-low profile, and extra low profile pallet trucks are specialised material handling equipment designed to address specific challenges in various industrial and commercial settings. Each type offers unique features that cater to specific applications, providing businesses with the flexibility and efficiency needed to streamline their operations.

Low Profile Pallet Trucks:

Uses: Low profile pallet trucks are designed for handling pallets, stillages, equipment and machinery with lower ground clearances. These trucks are particularly useful when working with specialised pallets or containers that sit closer to the ground. They find application in industries where there is a need to handle loads with limited vertical space, such as in automotive manufacturing or industries utilising custom-designed containers.


  • Versatility: Low profile pallet trucks are versatile and can accommodate standard pallets as well as those with lower clearances, offering flexibility in various material handling scenarios.
  • Improved Stability: The lower centre of gravity inherent in low profile pallet trucks enhances stability when moving loads, reducing the risk of tipping and increasing overall safety.
  • Efficiency: These trucks are ideal for applications where space is limited, allowing for efficient manoeuvering in tight spaces or low-ceiling environments.

Semi-Low Profile Pallet Trucks:

Uses: Semi-low profile pallet trucks bridge the gap between standard and low profile models. They are suitable for handling loads that have moderate ground clearances, providing a more flexible solution for a range of pallet types. Industries with varying pallet specifications, such as food and beverage or retail, often benefit from semi-low profile pallet trucks.


  • Adaptability: Semi-low profile pallet trucks offer a balance between standard and low profile designs, making them adaptable to different types of pallets commonly encountered in warehouses and distribution centres.
  • Ease of Use: These trucks maintain a relatively low profile while accommodating a broader range of pallet sizes, simplifying material handling tasks and reducing the need for multiple types of equipment.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: The adaptability of semi-low profile pallet trucks can contribute to time and cost savings by minimising the need for specialised handling equipment for various pallet configurations.

Extra Low Profile Pallet Trucks:

Uses: Extra low profile pallet trucks are specifically engineered for applications where extremely low ground clearances are a critical factor. Industries dealing with highly specialised containers or pallets, such as aerospace or pharmaceuticals, often employ these trucks to meet their unique handling requirements.


  • Precision Handling: Extra low profile pallet trucks provide the precision needed for handling delicate or sensitive loads that require a low and stable approach during lifting and transportation.
  • Optimised Ergonomics: Designed with ergonomics in mind, these trucks facilitate efficient handling of low-clearance pallets, reducing strain on operators and enhancing workplace safety.
  • Specialised Applications: The extra low profile design is tailored for specific applications, making them indispensable in industries with unique material handling challenges.

In conclusion, low profile, semi-low profile, and extra low profile pallet trucks offer specialised solutions for diverse material handling needs. Whether dealing with standard or customised pallets, businesses can choose the type of pallet truck that best aligns with their operational requirements, ultimately improving efficiency, safety, and adaptability in their logistics processes.

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