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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Protectors

From: £49.00

Heavy duty pallet racking protectors ensure lower susceptibility of damage to your racking. They can also serve as mezzanine protectors. Available in two-sided or three-sided models.

Product Details

Pallet racking protectors are essential in every warehouse in order to conform to DIN 4844 safety guidelines.

  • Protect frame ends and uprights which are prone to damage
  • High quality and durability
  • Manufactured from steel
  • Yellow powder coating with black bands
  • Also useful as mezzanine protectors, to prevent damage of partitionings and machines
  • Right angle model provides corner protection and requires 4 fixing bolts per protector
  • U-Profile model ensures protection from three sides and requires 6 fixing bolts per protector

Size ( height x width x gauge):

  • Right angle:
    • 400 x 160 x 5mm
    • 400 x 160 x 6mm
    • 800 x 160 x 6mm
    • 1200 x 160 x 6mm
  • Right angle with rollers: 400 x 160 x 6mm
  • U-Profile: 400 x 160 x 6mm
  • U-Profile with rollers: 400 x 160 x 6mm
  • Fixing bolts: 12 x 100mm  (2 per pack)
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