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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Forklift Safety Cage with Side Gate

From: £796.00

A forklift safety cage with automatic locking and unlocking side gates for access.  This access cage is suitable for 2 people and is offered in a choice of 2 platform sizes.

  • Capacity:  250 kg
  • Platform size:  950mm wide x 950mm long or 905mm wide x 1250mm long
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50mm

Product Details

  • Capacity:  250 kg
  • Platform base sizes:
  • 950mm long x 950mm wide.  Weight 104 kg.  Centre of gravity:  525mm
  • 1250mm ong x 950mm wide.  Weight 125 kg.   Centre of gravity:  585mm
  • Manufactured in accordance with PM28 4th Edition
  • Automatic lock and unlocking side gates
  • Hinged back guard for easy transportation and storage
  • Safety harness attachment rings
  • Self draining non slip floor
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to the forktruck
  • Maximum fork section:   150 x 50mm
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