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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Forklift Bucket Scoops – Four Way Entry

From: £1,299.45

A multi-purpose forklift bucket scoop which is ideal for moving loose materials, such as gravel, sand, snow and top soil.  It also offers four way fork entry which makes storing of the bucket much easier when not in use.

  • Capacities available:  0.25 cu.m. or 0.62 cu.m.
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50mm at 675mm centres
  • Secondary locking mechanism to prevent accidental discharge
  • Automatic tipping conversion kit is available


Product Details

An economy multi purpose fork mounted bucket scoop – suitable for transporting aggregate, grit, sand, topsoil, snow and other materials.

  • Available in two capacities:-
  • 0.40 cu.m.   Capacity:  400 kg.  Bucket length:  1015mm Bucket width:  860mm.  Bucket height:  660mm.  Weight 180 kg.  Centre of gravity:  600mm
  • 0.62 cu.m.   Capacity:  600 kg.  Bucket length:  1015mm Bucket width:  1300mm.  Bucket height:  660mm.  Weight 185 kg.  Centre of gravity:  620mm
  • Max. fork section:  150 x 50mm at 675mm centres
  • Additional locking mechanism keeps the bucket in place and prevents accidental discharge
  • Simple mechanical latch releases the bucket (lower bucket to deck, release mechanism, elevate bucket for slow pour control, release)
  • Enclosed and well protected operating mechanism
  • Attached and secured with zinc twist screws which ensures safe attachment to truck
  • Removable toothed leading edge strip to cut into product and to protect the scoop lip
  • Painted bright orange for safety
  • U.K. manufactured
  • Please note the three-way entry feature is to allow you to store the device easily in pallet racking when not in use (NOT FOR SIDE POURING!)
  • Optional conversion kit is available for automatic tipping of the bucket so that the forktruck driver does not need to leave his seat



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