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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Drum Lifter & Rotator

From: £1,373.00

Fork mounted drum rotator with crank handle or loop chain for easy and secure manipulation of drums. It is ideal for carrying out tasks such as picking, rotating and emptying plastic or steel drums. Delivery Times: 3-4 weeks. Scroll down for more information.

Product Details

A drum lifter & rotator for handling of 210 L steel drums or 220 L plastic drums.

  • Safe way of picking, rotating and emptying drums
  • Allows for controlled drum manipulation
  • Rotation is achieved by either crank handle or loop chain, depending on the rotator model
  • Gearbox for minimal effort required to rotate a drum
  • Slippage is prevented by fixing of a drum into the rotator with two webbing straps/ratchets

Drum Lifter Dimensions:

drum rotator dimensions

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