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How Can automation revolutionise businesses?

The future of technology is exciting. However, for many workers in these industrial industries, the introduction of automation is expected to reduce the need for human workers to be more cost-effective, thus fewer jobs. But it is crucial to make workers aware that the job market is always expanding and new jobs will come out of this new technology.

1. How automation can benefit your business

The automation of many industrial jobs is going to grow massively over the next 10-15 years, as PWC have predicted. This means that jobs in areas such as packaging, warehousing, long haul driving. This means that even though there will be an initial investment in this technology, it allows for the business to be able to operate more smoothly.

Importantly, benefitting workers so that they no longer have to do tasks that could be potentially dangerous. But limiting the more laborious jobs and increasing those which require more judgment based approaches. For example, a study completed by Forbes showed that through July 2018, manufacturing jobs over the past year grew at the fastest pace since 1995. Showing an increase of 327,000 jobs within a 12 month period. The benefits of automation have been seen since the 1960s within the car industry. Industrial robotics taking over from human labour which has created a far more efficient production line.

2. How automation can benefit employees

Gone will be the jobs where you are working long hours in manufacturing plants and storage warehouses, automation is going to revolutionize the market in this sector, meaning that there will be no incorrect orders and human error will no longer be an issue in this job market. Despite this reduction, other job sectors will grow with new opportunities for workers to retrain and learn new skills in the changing job market.

 The head of General Motors, Grieshaber spoke at a recent summit about how GM is introducing further automation within the business. Such as using drones to survey pipes in their factories. They are instantly able to pick up any potential faults, thus limiting the risks of having a human employee to do it. This new technology is definitely creating a change within businesses, and the positive effects of automation are being shown – with a significant growth expected over the next decade.

3) Why not to worry about automation…

It is good news for the current workers that worry that they will lose out on jobs. A Forbes 2018 article about automation stated that MGI predicts that there will be a vast reskilling of workers. That there will be with new jobs coming into the industries such as machine technology engineers. Thus, they will still need designing, programming, and updating.  But, also importantly,  another 8 – 9% of employees who will work in categories that do not yet exist today.

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