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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Wheelie Bin Rotator

From: £2,705.00

A wheelie bin rotator with a capacity of either 250 kg or the heavy duty version which has a capacity of 500 kg. suitable for use with the large 660 to 1110 litre wheelie bins with trunnions.  It is not suitable for wheelie bins with sprung lids.

Product Details

  • Large wheelie bins can be lifted and rotated forwards at any height without the need to push on a receptacle.
  • High quality gearbox allows wheelie bins to rotate in mid air, therefore allowing access to all areas of the wheelie bin for cleaning or repair
  • The side trunnions are located in stirrups and the gearbox can be used to achieve controlled pouring of the bin.
  • The gearbox can be supplied with either a crank handle for rotation at waist height or loop chain for rotation above shoulder level.
  • The attachment slides on to the forks of a forklift using fork pockets that are retained using screw clamps.
  • Capacity:    250 litre or heavy duty 500 kg
  • Max. fork size:  130 x 60mm
  • Fork spread:  790mm
  • Method of operation:  Crank handle or loop chain
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