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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Warehouse Safety Steps with Foot Lock

From: £349.70

Warehouse safety steps in a choice of 6 sizes.  Centrally placed foot lock which is easy to use.

Available in 3 colours.

Product Details

  • Hands free lock and unlock
  • Easy to move warehouse safety steps
  • All welded steel construction
  • Non-slip punched metal treads and platform
  • Simple  to operate foot lock immobilises and mobilises the steps
  • Hand rails either side of steps and 914mm over platform
  • Kick plate as standard on all models with 7 treads and over
  • Warehouse safety steps with rubber tyred wheels, nylon castor, rubber covered metal feet
  • 559mm wide steps, 250mm rise
  • 381mm platform depth
  • No of treads includes platform
  • Optional safety gate which lifts and folds flat to the side of the steps (factory fitted)
  • U.K. manufactured


  • 3 Treads.  Platform height 762mm.  Overall dimensions 1676mm high x 762mm wide x 850mm deep
  • 4 Treads.  Platform height 1016mm.  Overall dimensions 1930mm high x 762mm wide x 1000mm deep
  • 5 Treads.  Platform height 1270mm.  Overall dimensions 2184mm high x 787mm wide x 1180mm deep
  • 6 Treads.  Platform height 1524mm.  Overall dimensions 2438mm high x 813mm wide x 1300mm deep
  • 7 Treads.  Platform height 1778mm.  Overall dimensions 2692mm high x 864mm wide x 1500mm deep
  • 8 Treads.  Platform height 2032mm.  Overall dimensions 2946mm high x 889mm wide x 1650mm deep


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