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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Timber Trolley


From: £1,023.00

A specially designed hand truck for carrying lengths of timber with a load capacity of 750- 2000 kg, depending on model.

Product Details

  • This timber trolley is ideal for carrying long lengths of timber or pipe
  • The timber trolley also features detachable posts
  • U.K. manufactured
  • EST191 Models are blue
  • EST192 Models are yellow
  • These trolleys are made to order and delivery is approx. 4 weeks but if you need it sooner please phone us on 0333 005 0323.


Product Capacities

Model Wheels Capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
EST191-PRB 400×100 Pneumatic roller bearing 1000 103
EST191-PBB 400×100 Pneumatic ball bearing 1000 103
EST191-400×100-CRB 400×100 Cushion roller bearing 1000 103
EST191-355×75-CRB 355×75 Cushion roller bearing 750 103
EST192-SEBB 300×75 Solid elastic ball bearing 2000 191
EST192-PPBB 400×100  6 Ply Pneumatic ball bearing 2000 191
EST192-CBB 457×125 Cushion ball bearing 2000 191
EST192-6PPBB 500×8 6 Ply pneumatic ball bearing 2000 191

Product Dimensions 

Model Lengths between saddles Width between saddles
EST191 Models 1.3m-3.0m 914mm
EST192 Models 1.2m-3.6m 1220mm
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