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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Tapered Bins


From: £41.25

Tapered bins manufactured from polyethylene. Highly resistant to most acid and alkaline substances. Optional lids and blue dollies available

Product Details

  • Tapered bins made from food grade polyethylene
  • Most acid & alkaline-resistant
  • Durable between -20C and +60C
  • Optional blue dollies available – mobile on 4 x 75mm swivel castors
  • Lid to suit available
  • 5 colours to choose from: red, green, blue, yellow & natural
  • 6 sizes available:
    • 20 Litres: External size: 350mm diameter x 390mm high, internal size:  305mm dia. x 380mm high, 20 kg.
    • 45 Litres: External size: 460mm diameter x 520mm high, internal size:  400mm dia. x 510mm high, 45 kg.
    • 65 Litres External size: 510mm diameter x 585mm high, internal size:  440mm dia. x 570mm high, 65 kg.
    • 85 Litres External size: 540mm diameter x 645mm high,  internal size:  485mm dia. x 635mm high, 85 kg.
    • 110 Litres External size: 575mm diameter x 650mm high, internal size:  505mm dia. x 640mm high, 110 kg.
    • 215 Litres External size: 700mm diameter x 890mm high, internal size:  610mm dia. x 870mm high, 215 kg
  • U.K. manufactured
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