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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Steel Cabinet Storage Vault 550 Litres


£6,103.35 excl. VAT

Steel cabinet storage vault, 550 litres capacity with a liquid tight sealed base unit. Designed to comply with the Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate and the Factory Inspection Guide HSG51.

These vaults provide a half hour protection from collapse and the passage of fire.

Product Details

Storage Vault 550 Litres: 2500mm wide x 1080mm deep x 1270mm high

  • This steel cabinet storage vault has 4 shelves – 1220 x 500mm
  • Each storage vault has an adjustable vent that meets the requirements of both Flammable Storage (vent closed) and Agrochemicals (vent open).
  • All welded units conform to the A.P.E.A. Construction requirements.
  • Produced from 2.5mm sheet steel.
  • Multi lockable for high security and fitted with a lift up action lid assisted by gas struts.
  • For extra protection and fork lifting the units have skids on the base.
  • Central partition and four shelves.
  • The two middle shelves fold away and the two top shelves are made in 3 sections.
  • The back section is fixed in position and the front two sections are removable.
  • All storage vaults have a liquid tight base to contain spillage.
  • N.B. A forklift will be needed to unload all these steel cabinet storage vaults.
  • Delivered within 20 to 25 working days.

SAFETY NOTE:  Before storage of herbicides and petroleum base products takes place the advice of the following should be sought for specific guidance:-

  • Health and Safety Inspector
  • Trading Standards Officers
  • Environmental Health officers
  • Fire Officers
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