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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Short and Narrow Printers Pallet Truck

From: £435.00

A  heavy duty short and narrow printers pallet truck with a capacity of 2500kg.    Ideal for use with half size pallets or Euro pallets depending on model.

  • Fork lengths:  500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1150mm or 1200mm
  • Width over forks:  450mm, 460mm or 520mm

Product Details

A short and narrow printers pallet truck with 150mm wide forks suitable for handling Euro pallets as well as smaller, half sized pallets- Capacity 2500kg

  • Ergonomically designed handle with plastic cover that is comfortable to use
  • Protection against overloading on hydraulic pump
  • Lowering valve can be easily operated using fingertip
  • Sealed ball bearings in all all wheels
  • Ideal for use in the printing industry and for use with narrow or half size pallets
  • Fork lengths from 500mm to 1200mm
  • 460mm wide trucks with 800mm or longer forks can handle Euro pallets

Dimensions of the Printers Pallet Truck:

460 500 80-200 150 Polyurethane
460 600 80-200 150 Polyurethane
460 800 80-200 150 Polyurethane
460 1000 80-200 150 Polyurethane
460 1150 80-200 150 Polyurethane
460 1200 80-200 150 Polyurethane
520 500 80-200 150 Polyurethane
520 600 80-200 150 Polyurethane
520 800 80-200 150 Polyurethane
450 900 75-190 160 Nylon
450 1000 75-190 160 Nylon

Short and narrow pallet trucks, also known as compact pallet trucks, are specialised material handling equipment designed to navigate through tight spaces and handle palletised loads in confined environments. These compact trucks offer unique advantages in various industries where space optimisation and manoeuverability are crucial for efficient material handling.  They are widely used in the printing industry Here, we’ll explore the uses and benefits of short and narrow pallet trucks.


  1. Retail Environments: In retail settings, especially those with limited storage space, short and narrow pallet trucks are invaluable for efficiently moving goods from storage areas to the sales floor. These trucks enable retailers to maximise their use of available space and maintain a well-organised and easily accessible inventory.
  2. Warehousing and Distribution Centres: Within warehousing and distribution centres, where aisle space is often at a premium, short and narrow pallet trucks shine. They are ideal for manoeuvering through narrow aisles and tight storage spaces, allowing for efficient picking, stacking, and transporting of palletised goods.
  3. Manufacturing Facilities: Manufacturing plants may have limited space for material handling, especially near production lines. Short and narrow pallet trucks are suitable for transporting raw materials and finished goods between production stations, ensuring a smooth and streamlined manufacturing process.
  4. Food and Beverage Industry: The food and beverage industry often deals with confined storage areas, and short and narrow pallet trucks are beneficial for moving pallets of ingredients or finished products within warehouses or production areas. They help maintain a hygienic and organised environment.
  5. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Facilities: In pharmaceutical and healthcare settings, where precision and cleanliness are paramount, short and narrow pallet trucks are used for moving pallets of medical supplies, medications, and other materials. Their compact design is particularly useful in storage rooms with limited space.


  1. Space Efficiency: Short and narrow pallet trucks are specifically designed to optimise space utilisation. Their compact size allows them to navigate through narrow aisles and confined spaces where larger equipment may struggle, ensuring that every inch of available storage space is utilised effectively.
  2. Manoeuverability: The primary advantage of these pallet trucks is their exceptional manoeuverability. The short turning radius and narrow width enable operators to navigate through tight corners and congested spaces with ease. This enhances overall efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents in crowded working environments.
  3. Increased Productivity: The ability to manoeuver easily in confined spaces contributes to increased productivity. Short and narrow pallet trucks enable faster and more efficient movement of goods, reducing the time required for material handling tasks and enhancing the overall workflow in warehouses, retail spaces, and manufacturing facilities.
  4. Quick and Precise Handling: These pallet trucks are designed for quick and precise handling of palletised loads. The compact size allows operators to position pallets accurately, improving the efficiency of loading and unloading processes.
  5. Versatility: Short and narrow pallet trucks are versatile tools that can handle a variety of pallet sizes and types. Their adaptability makes them suitable for different industries and applications, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses with diverse material handling requirements.
  6. Enhanced Safety: The compact design of these pallet trucks contributes to enhanced safety in busy work environments. Operators have better visibility and control, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents, and ensuring a safer working environment for both personnel and materials.
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