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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Semi Powered Pallet Truck

£1,299.85 excl. VAT

A semi powered pallet truck offering a fast charge of only 3.5 hours

  • Capacity:  2000 kg
  • Forks 1150mm x 540mm
  • Can be used with Euro and GKN/CHEP/UK pallets

Product Details

  • Semi powered pallet truck conforming to EN 1757-1
  • Fork width:  160mm
  • Raised height of forks:  205mm
  • Lowered height of forks:  85mm
  • Very compact design making it suitable for use in warehouses, supermarkets and even on large lorries
  • Lithium maintenance-free, pollution free battery
  • 400W motor driven without the need for pushing or pulling
  • Maximum driving speed of 4.8 km/h
  • Curtis controller unit with a nonpolar speed controller
  • Stabilising wheels either side of the drive wheel arrangement
  • 150mm polyurethane steering wheels
  • 80 x 60mm polyurethane tandem rollers
  • Power supply:  24V/30A
  • 12 amp single phase 3 pin charging plus
  • 8 hours average run time and 3 hours for continuous use
  • Can be used with Euro open pallets 800 x 1200mm  or GKN/CHEP/UK 1000 x 1200mm closed pallets
  • 2 year guarantee (except the battery)
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