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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Raised Forklift Cage for 2 People

From: £1,490.00

A raised forklift safety cage with side gate for up to 2 people and with a raised height of either 500mm or 1000mm. This forklift access cage is perfect for easy and safe access to high racking, rooflights, buzz bars and other spaces where the forktruck lift height is limited.

  • Platform size 1000mm wide  x 1220mm long
  • Max fork size 140 x 60mm
  • SWL 500kg.
  • Delivery Times: 3-4 weeks.

Product Details

A raised forklift safety cage with side gate lets you get up to 2.5m extra lift height to reach plant machinery or equipment locations beyond the standard forklift height.

  • This safety cage has the following features:
    • Raised height of 500mm or 1000mm
    • Suitable for up to 2 people
  • Base of the man basket is raised in height via legs to give extended lift height when fork truck lift height is limited
  • Security locking system to fork heels ensures the cage will not slide off the forklift forks
  • Full-length fork pockets to provide complete stability
  • Harness anchorage points and in-board handhold points with the forklift cage for operator safety
  • Perforated back mesh to provide  a barrier between the cage user and the hazardous areas around the truck
  • Anti-slip floor tread with drain holes to avoid accumulation of water and reduce risk of slipping
  • Kick rail to prevent work tools and other items from falling off the platform
  • The access cage is supplied with full Health & Safety certification and opens inwards
  • When raised by 1000mm an external ladder is fitted as standard
  • Complies fully with HSE Guidance Note PM 28 (4th edition)
  • U.K. manufactured
  • CE marked


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