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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Quick Lift Wheelie Bin Lifter


£2,599.70 excl. VAT

A bin lifter suitable for safe lifting of loads of up to 30kg using manual operation (assisted lift). Suitable for 120 litre and 240-litre bins. Ideal for use in offices, retail outlets and factories.


Product Details

A Wheelie Bin Lifter designed to efficiently lift and empty wheelie bins into dumper bins.

  • The ideal unit for lightweight loads
  • Manually operated
  • Lifts up to 30 kg at a time
  • Eliminates all lifting from the process of emptying wheelie bins into larger dumper bins, reducing risk of injury

Watch a video of how it works.


  • Full swing bin lifter
  • Suitable for 1500 mm skip bins
  • Compatible with 80, 120 and 240-litre wheelie bins
  • Manual assisted lift operation with slow-release gas struts – helping to reduce risk of back injury
  • Fits through internal doorways
  • Safety features include: padlock, bin catches and base cradle hook
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty on this wheelie bin lifter


  • Length: 900 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1420 mm
  • Highest tip point: 2850 mm
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