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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Protect-It Racking Protection


£24.95 excl. VAT

A racking column guard designed to absorb impacts by deflecting and then reverting back to its original shape. They fit most racking types. Please let us know what type of racking you have.

  • Protection height:  400mm
  • Fits uprights with widths from 90mm to 120mm
  • Effective in cold stores up to -40 degrees
  • Conforms to ES FEM 10.2.02

Product Details

This racking column protector clips round a racking post to protect its front and sides against impacts.

  • Passes both front and side impact tests to conform to European Standard FEM 10.2.02
  • Deflects just like a car bumper to absorb impacts
  • Easy to install and remove for inspections without any tools
  • Suitable for cold stores as it can withstand -40 °C
  • Popular in 70 countries from all over the world
  • HSE document HSG76 states:  “Where racking is liely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles it should be protected”
  • Conforms to EN FEM 10.2.02
  • No fixings or tools required


  • Heights:   400mm (3 sections)
  • To suit uprights between 75 and 90mm
  • Depth from front to back:  133mm.
  • The front will protrude 50mm from the rack frame.
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