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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Pile Pulling Clamps


From: £708.55

Designed to pull out driven piles or trench shielding. The shackle is not included with the clamp. Available in 2 models.

Product Details

These pile pulling clamps have a narrow opening and a deep slot to ensure that the pile is gripped firmly

  • It is extremely difficult to determine the forces required to pull out driven piles so it is recommended that a load indicator is used to ensure the working load limit of the clamp is not exceeded
  • The clamp is supplied as standard with a double locking mechanism to ensure that the clamp remains ‘locked on’ and does not become unlocked during extraction of the pile
  • Choice of 2 models:-
    • Working load limit:  3000 kg.  Jaw capacity 0-16mm.  Throat depth:  147mm.   Weight 12 kg.
    • Working load limit:  8000 kg.  Jaw capacity 0-30mm.  Throat depth:  194mm.   Weight 28 kg.
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