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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Petroleum and Flammable Liquid Floor Storage Chest

From: £273.51

The best choice for flammable liquid storage. These petroleum storage floor chests promote safe storage, handling and disposal practice. They come complete with a welded integrated sump, angled lid to discourage article placement, and a hasp and staple lock (padlock not supplied).

Product Details

Floor storage chest for flammable liquid storage

  • Liquid tight integral welded sump
  • Hasp and staple lock – padlock not supplied
  • These floor storage chests are powder coated red with warning symbols
  • Angled lid to discourage placement of articles on the lid
  • The floor storage chests are available in 2 sizes:-
    • 510mm high x 610mm wide x 340mm deep
    • 610mm high x 1170mm wide x 460mm deep
  • If  stored incorrectly, flammable liquids and petrol can leak or spill causing damage and pollution.
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