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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Protect It Maxi

From: £132.00

  • Column protectors designed to minimise damage to building columns
  • Especially suited to mezzanine floor columns
  • Provides even impact absorption from all directions
  • Please select the appropriate column sizes

Product Details

Pallet racking protection that fits any column size from 100mm (4″) and increases in 25mm (1″) increments to fit any size and shape including square, rectangular, ‘H’ section, ‘I’ section, round or even walls

  • Column protectors with slimline construction that saves space – only adds 75mm to each side of the column
  • Provides even impact absorption from all directions
  • Improves workplace safety
  • Securely fits around columns
  • Tested to withstand a 2.7-tonne forklift truck hitting a 200mm column at 6km/hour – no damage to the column occurred.
  • Offers wall protection – can conform to the shape of the wall (1080mm long x 500mm high)
  • Available in two heights:  500mm or 1000mm high
  • Square or ‘H’ section is available in four sizes to fit:
  • Column sizes between 100 x 100mm and 140 x 140mm
  • Column sizes between 150 x 150mm and 300 x 300mm
  • Column sizes between 325 x 325mm and 425 x 425mm
  • Column sizes between 450 x 450mm and 600 x 600mm
  • Round section in three sizes to fit:-
  • Columns: 175mm, 200mm or 300mm



We also offer column guards , standard duty post protectors , and  heavy duty post protectors

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