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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Mini Pallet Truck – Capacity 500 kg


£299.00 excl. VAT

Mini hand pallet truck which is lightweight and designed for small pallets. This pallet truck is not suitable for standard pallets. It is very easy to steer weighing only 35 kg.

  • Lift height 60-170 mm.
  • Fork length:  800mm
  • Width over forks:  380mm
  • Single fork width:  100mm

Product Details

  • Mini pallet truck which is only suitable for small pallets and not standard pallets
  • Very popular in the printing and photographic industries and with delivery van drivers due to its compact size
  • This mini hand pump truck also has a lowered height of only 60mm, making it ideal for small low profile pallets.
  • Capacity:  500 kg
  • Weight:  35 kg
  • Highly manoeuvrable, turning radius 700-800mm
  • Polyurethane steer wheels and single nylon load wheels
  • Lift height:  60-170mm
  • Fork length:  800mm
  • Width over forks:  380mm
  • Single fork width:  100mm

A mini hand pallet truck, also known as a manual pallet jack or a pallet truck, is a versatile and indispensable material handling tool used in various industries for the efficient movement of palletised loads. Despite its compact size, a mini hand pallet truck offers numerous benefits that contribute to enhanced productivity, safety, and convenience in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and other settings where goods need to be transported.

One of the primary uses of a mini hand pallet truck is the quick and efficient movement of pallets within confined spaces. Its compact design allows it to navigate through narrow aisles and tight corners with ease, providing a level of manoeuverability that larger equipment may struggle to achieve. This makes the mini hand pallet truck an ideal choice for businesses with limited storage space, allowing them to maximise their available square footage for storage rather than dedicating space to larger, less nimble equipment.

One significant benefit of using a mini hand pallet truck is the reduction of manual handling strain on workers. Palletised loads can be heavy and cumbersome, posing a risk of injury to employees who may need to move them manually. The mini hand pallet truck eliminates much of the physical strain associated with manual handling, as operators can easily lift and manoeuvre heavy loads with minimal effort. This not only enhances workplace safety but also contributes to increased employee satisfaction and morale.

Another advantage of mini hand pallet trucks is their simplicity and ease of use. Unlike powered equipment that may require training and certification, operating a mini hand pallet truck is straightforward. It has a user-friendly design with intuitive controls, allowing operators to quickly become proficient in their use. This simplicity also means reduced maintenance requirements, as there are fewer components that can malfunction, resulting in lower overall operating costs for businesses.

The versatility of mini hand pallet trucks is further highlighted by their compatibility with various pallet sizes and types but not standard pallets.

Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for many businesses, and mini hand pallet trucks offer an affordable material handling solution. Their relatively low upfront costs, combined with minimal maintenance expenses, make them an attractive option for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those in the printing industry and for use in delivery vans, looking to optimise their logistics operations without a significant capital investment.

In conclusion, the use of a mini hand pallet truck brings about a multitude of benefits, including improved manoeuverability in confined spaces, reduced manual handling strain on workers, simplicity of operation, compatibility with various pallet sizes, and cost-effectiveness. As an essential tool in material handling, the mini hand pallet truck plays a crucial role in streamlining logistics processes and enhancing overall efficiency in a wide range of industries.

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