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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Lever Brake Warehouse Safety Steps

From: £484.55

These medium duty warehouse safety steps are available in a variety of sizes, with platform heights ranging from 1143mm to 3429mm. Choice of two tread types.

Delivery Times: 10-15 working days.

Product Details

  • Warehouse Safety Steps in a wide range of sizes
  • Designed to suit industrial standards
  • All welded steel construction
  • Two tread options: rubber covered or non-slip punched metal treads
  • Kick plate on three sides of the platform
  • Rubber covered feet
  • Hand lever locking bar to mobilise unit
  • Rubber-tyred wheels, nylon castors
  • 559mm wide steps, 229mm rise
  • Platform dimensions: 559mm wide x 610mm deep
  • Hand lever locking bar raises front castors for stable floor contact when in use and lowers them for easy movement between positions


  • 5 Treads – Platform height: 1143mm – O/D 2057mm high x 787mm wide x 1360mm deep
  • 6 Treads – Platform height: 1372mm – O/D 2286mm high x 813mm wide x 1510mm deep
  • 7 Treads – Platform height: 1600mm – O/D 2514mm high x 864mm wide x 1660mm deep
  • 8 Treads – Platform height: 1829mm – O/D 2743mm high x 889mm wide x 1810mm deep
  • 9 Treads – Platform height: 2058mm – O/D 2972mm high x 914mm wide x 1960mm deep
  • 10 Treads – Platform height: 2286mm – O/D 3200mm high x 991mm wide x 2110mm deep
  • 11 Treads – Platform height: 2515mm – O/D 3429mm high x 1067mm wide x 2260mm deep
  • 12 Treads – Platform height: 2743mm – O/D 3657mm high x 1143mm wide x 2410mm deep
  • 13 Treads – Platform height: 2972mm – O/D 3886mm high x 1219mm wide x 2560mm deep
  • 14 Treads – Platform height: 3200mm – O/D 4114mm high x 1245mm wide x 2710mm deep
  • 15 Treads – Platform height: 3429mm – O/D 4343mm high x 1270mm wide x 2860mm deep


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