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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Manual Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks

From: £1,095.00

Manual pallet stacker with adjustable forks with a capacity of either 500 kg or 1000 kg. with lift heights ranging from 1.6m to 2.5m

Product Details

  • This manual pallet stacker has adjustable forks
  • Ergonomic pump handle and foot pump – giving you a choice of operation
  • Sturdy, compact and constructed from robust steel profiles
  • Lowering speed of each pallet stacker is fully adjustable
  • Swivel castor steer wheels
  • Safety valve prevents overloading
  • Lift: Manual

Choice of 3 models:


Capacity:500kg,  Load Centre:  600 mm,   Max. Lift Height:1600 mm.  Fork Length:1100 mm.      Width over Forks:   Adjustable 220 – 760 mm.       Overall Length:1640 mm

Overall width:810 mm.     Overall Closed Height:2000 mm.      Lowered Fork Height:90 mm      Wheels:    NylonWheels    Diameter:ø 150 / 80 mm      Approx. Weight:231kg

Model ESKI 1000/1600 A ESKI 1000/2500 A
Capacity 1000kg
Load Centre 600 mm
Max. Lift Height 1600 mm 2500 mm
Fork Length 1060 mm
Width over Forks Adjustable 310 – 940 mm Adjustable 310 – 840 mm
Overall Length 1540 mm 1600 mm
Overall width 1020 mm 840 mm
Overall Closed Height 2090 mm 1840 mm
Lowered Fork Height 85 / 150 mm*
Wheels Nylon
Wheels Diameter ø 150 / 80 mm
Approx. Weight 250kg 279kg

* 85mm when the lowered forks are next to the support legs.
* 150mm when the lowered forks are over the support legs.




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