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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Manual Furniture Mover Set – 600 kg Capacity


£625.00 excl. VAT

The manual large load mover set comprises 2 transporting units and 2 load strips making it ideal for moving bulky and heavy weight items in removals, maintenance and installations.   It has a mechanical lift using a spindle winch.  Capacity 600 kgs.

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Product Details

The manual furniture mover set consists of two transporting units and 2 x 5m long securing load straps

  • Load is raised and can be easily moved around in any direction, even in the tightest of areas
  • Incorporates two 5m securing straps to secure your load to the units
  • Ideal for bulky and heavy weight items
  • Load capacity:  600 kgs.
  • Raised height:  410mm
  • Manual lift using spindle winch with safety stop
  • Toe plate size:  120mm deep x 225mm wide
  • Toe plate thickness:  7mm
  • 150mm dia. polyurethane wheels
  • Overall size:  600mm wide x 410mm deep x 810mm high
  • Weight:  25 kgs.
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