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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Hydraulic Toe Jack 3000 kg Capacity


£315.00 excl. VAT

This hydraulic low profile toe jack has three adjustable toe heights and is designed for raising loads to place moving skates underneath them.

Product Details

Low profile toe jack with three adjustable toe heights

    • This hydraulic toe jack is designed for raising loads and placing moving skates underneath the load
    • Dual lifting capability:  loads can be lifted using the toe or the head of the jack
    • Suitable for repair and installation work of machines
    • Ultra low profile, compact and strong
    • The hydraulic pumps of the backs are protected by a robust lift housing
    • The hydraulic toe jacks are supplied with a two-part pump handle
    • Adjustable swivel support legs as standard

Capacity:  3000 kg

    • Lift height on toe:  15-240mm (3 stages)
    • Lift height on head:  250-380mm
    • Weight:  22 kg


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