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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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High Lift Jib-Carriage or Fork Mounted

From: £955.00

This forklift jib offers an increased height of lifting and is available either fork or carriage mounted. Please select ‘Choose Type’ first and then the relevant ‘Truck Capacity’ below. Scroll down for more information.

  • Truck capacities:  Fork Mounted 1000 kg to 5000 kg.    Carriage mounted 1500 kg to 8000 kg
  • Lifting points:   Fork mounted 4,  Carriage mounted 5 or 6

Product Details

Forklift jib with high lift crane arm

There are occasions when dual access suits loading, installation and construction access. A forklift is not always the best way to do it since it lifts from below the load only in standard form. Complications with your forklift such as its design height of lift can also be addressed by setting the crane arm higher than the forks gaining as much as a meter or more in valuable lifting height. We provide up to six hook on these high lift forklift jibs settings to enable you to get pinpoint lift accuracy. Always consult the fork truck manual on lifting loads as this equipment will give you extra lifting reach but not extra weight as you move away from 500mm load centres. Ask our engineers if you are unsure.

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The Forklift  Jib arm is:

  • Mounted directly to the forklift carriage. This helps maintain or improve the load capacity of the forklift truck lift centres to gain maximum weight advantage.
  • All of our Forklift Jibs are type-approved, which means the safety and structural integrity of our equipment is the best you can buy
  • 12 attachments standard high lift Forklift Jibs to choose from and if you need something not on the menu, just ask and we will make it for you
  • Our wide backplate design gives operator comfort and makes suspended loads easier to control
  • All our lifting equipment is cut, welded and finished to the highest standards, we meet all regulatory standards for lifting equipment. However, if you have specific concerns our engineers will be glad to address them. As designers and constructors we can meet most requirements.


high lift forklift jib carriage mounted dimensionshigh lift forklift jib fork mounted dimensionshigh lift forklift jib 1.75m

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