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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Heavy Duty Sack Trucks With Puncture Proof Wheels

From: £106.95 excl. VAT From: £87.50 excl. VAT

This heavy duty sack truck is made from high quality steel and comes with puncture proof wheels. 6 different models available, from standard unit to extra wide units with wheel guards.

Product Details

  • Heavy duty sack trucks mobile on REACH compliant puncture proof pneumatic wheels
  • Made from high quality, aqua blue powder coated steel
  • Robust, riveted knuckle guard hand grips
  • 6 options available
    • ESGI701R- Capacity 300kg, 1320mm high x 510mm wide x 630mm deep; weight: 13kg – high back unit and wheel guards, skids covered with robust plastic
    • ESGI702R – Capacity 250kg, 1085mm high x 610mm wide x 585mm deep, weight: 12.5kg – extra wide unit and wheel guards
    • ESGI703R – Capacity 200kg, 1110mm high x 515mm wide x 490mm deep; weight: 8.5kg – standard unit
    • ESGI704R -Capacity 250kg, 1240mm high x 535mm wide x 710mm deep; weight: 11.5kg – with fixed (held by magnet) and folding toes and wheel guards
    • ESGI705R – Capacity 250kgx 1310mm high x 520mm wide x 460mm deep; weight: 10kg – with ‘P’ handle and wheel guard
    • ESGI706R – Capacity 300kg, 1185mm high x 580mm wide x 600mm deep; weight: 14.5kg – strong angle iron unit with wheel guards
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