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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Forklift Hook Single Fork

From: £439.50

Lightweight and easy to fit single tine forklift hook attachment, select the capacity you require below. If you can’t find the right specification, please ring us and we will make it for you. Scroll down for diagram and dimensions. Delivery Times: 3-5 working days.

Product Details

This forklift hook is a great toolbox item, compact and easy to use. It instantly gives you overhead and slung load access and a super-fast safe fix with the dual screw to lock the hook sleeve with precision accuracy on both sides.

A swivel safety hook guarantees a positive safe lift. At a starting weight of only 8.5 kgs, this is the lightest most compact forklift hook you will find anywhere. It is one of the most transportable rapid response tools you can own, great for any site installation work and even general maintenance. It will also easily fit into any car alongside tool boxes making it a truly compact forklift truck tool and the first choice for space-saving “must-have” equipment.

  • The forklift hook attachment is fastened to the tine by tightening the two vice locking screws on either side
  • Supplied as standard with a swivel safety hook with 25 – 45mm safety snap hook access for rings and slings
  • Choice of 3 capacities: 1500 kgs, 3000 kgs, 5000 kgs, (remember one fork half the load at standard load centres)
  • There is a handy chart below to guide your choices. Otherwise, our engineers will always help you further, just ring us!

Click here to view a dual fork hook.

Forklift Hook Dimensions:

forklift hook single fork diagram

forklift hook single fork dimensions

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