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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Elevating Forklift Jib – Fork Mounted


From: £2,050.00

A forklift jib crane with articulating & extending arm that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees in 15 degree increments. This adjustable jib is suitable for handling loads at variable heights as well as extra long loads.

  • Truck capacity:  2500, 3000, 3500 or 4000 kg
  • Max. fork size:  150 x 50mm
  • Closed length:  2500mm
  • Extended length:  3000mm

Product Details

Turn your forklift into a telehandler and save tens of thousands of pounds with our Elevating Forklift Jib

This forklift attachment will add a whopping 2m to your forklift truck lift height.  At this elevation, you can reach into the centre of your load by over 2m giving a huge lifting diameter of over 4 meters. This makes our elevating jib crane attachment not only the highest extended height of lift but also the longest reach lift by volume that can be achieved with a standard forklift jib attachment.

To see our extending jib crane range both carriage and fork-mounted click here.  Our Elevating Forklift Jib both extends and lifts up.  Elevation and extension are pre-set prior to lift. There is some helpful information in this respect below as well. Our staff and engineers are always pleased to help so feel free to ring us.  A good example of use would be a static lift onto a lorry, where high loads need to be manipulated into position for handling or setting down or where the load exceeds anything forks could safely handle by sheer volume, like construction lifts with frames or standing site installations trestles, or food processing or chemical plant applications etc.

Here is what this jib can do:

  • Telescopic arm provides you with a telescopic reach truck – A telehandler!
  • The hook relocates quickly to any suitable lifting point starting from 1m load centres. Check the truck manual and the guide below to see the weights you can lift at these locations
  • The Forklift Jib is designed to be fully angle-adjustable through to 45 degrees in 15-degree increments
  • The Jib arm lifts from 1m, extends out to 3000mm  horizontally (closed 2500mm), approximately 2m above fork height
  • The forklift Jib comes with one safety hook, ring up if you need more, we can provide all our equipment offline by a separate quote on request
  • All our Forklift attachments are totally safe and fitted with mechanical restraints bot manual and auto locks, this one has “Safety Heel Pins”
  • Complies with ALL the latest Health & Safety Regulations and if you want more security or lifting facilities, ask and we will quote to make them

Elevating Forklift Jib Dimensions:

elevating forklift jib diagram

elevating forklift jib capacities

elevating forklift jib sizes

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