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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Easy Steer Manual Pallet Stacker

From: £2,845.00

Easy steer manual pallet stacker of heavy duty construction  with an ergonomic pump handle and a separate tiller handle.  All these heavy duty pallet stackers are fitted with a safety valve to prevent overloading.

  • Capacity:  1000 kg
  • Choice of lift heights:  1120mm, 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm
  • Forks:  1150mm x 545mm

Product Details

  • Easy steer manual pallet stacker
  • Capacity:  1000 kg
  • Heavy duty robust construction making it ideal for heavy use in industrial applications
  • Ergonomic pump levers at shoulder level and separate tiller handle for steering and pulling the stackeer
  • Safety valve prevents overloading
  • Fitted with chain link steering for easy operation
  • Optional extras include straddle legs and adjustable forks


Technical Specifications:
Model (ESVVR 1000/-) 1120 1600 2000 2500 3000
Capacity 1000kg
Load Centre 600 mm
Max. Lift Height 1120mm 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Lowered Fork Height 85 mm
Fork Length 1150 mm
Width over Forks 545 mm
Overall Length 1785 mm
Overall width 665mm 665mm 775mm 775mm 775mm
Overall Closed Height 1585mm 1970mm 1470mm 1720mm 1970mm
Mast Type Single Single Duplex Duplex Duplex
Wheels ø 200 Polyurethane / ø 80 mm Nylon
Approx. Weight 230kg 250kg 300kg 340kg 380kg

All stackers are fitted with burst pipe safety valve and safety valve to prevent overloading.

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