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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Drop Bottom Tipping Skip

From: £1,219.05

These drop bottom tipping skips allow the disposal of light to medium weight waste being automatically emptied into high sided yard skips via the base release mechanism without the driver leaving his seat

  • Capacities:  0.80 cu.m., 1.20 cu.m or 1.45 cu.m
  • Max. fork section 150 x 50mm at 683mm centres

Product Details

  • Internally reinforced sides and lap welded corners
  • Automatic releasing and locking mechanism
  • 125mm dia. nylon castors fitted
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 50mm at 683mm centres
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safely attaching to forklift truck
  • Capacities available
  • 0.8 cu.m.  Capacity:  550kg.  Length:  850mm.  Width 1050mm,  Height:  900mm.  Weight 212kg.  C of G:  385mm
  • 1.20 cu.m.  Capacity:  750kg.  Length:  1050mm.  Width 1200mm,  Height:  900mm.  Weight 255kg.  C of G:  500mm
  • 1.45 cu.m.  Capacity:  950kg.  Length:  1050mm.  Width 1500mm,  Height:  900mm.  Weight 287kg.  C of G:  500mm

Add 270mm to the height to give overall skip height with the castors.

Tipping skips with a drop bottom function

With forklift skips, not all of them give you space or the pour control you need. There can be height issues too for loading them. So we make a range of tipping skips where the load may be released quickly or slowly, unlike the roll forward tipping skips (click here to see them) which do just that with no other restraints, using the truck hydraulic ram to control the pour is a facility with this model. So these designs address not only that issue. We can also make them to fit into nooks and crannies and receiving points like machining centres or other processes where the roll forward skip just won’t tick all the boxes (although we do adapt them specially too).

This is our standard range which fits a great many applications. We make both stacking and mobile. Although these are heavy-duty by any definition we also make them out of heavier materials for Glass, metal and rubble applications, just like we do for all our tipping skips. So if you want a product that passes high construction standards and won’t let you down, or you need something making specially or a variation, you have definitely come to the right place. Here are some standard products at sensible prices made to meet industrial applications. They speed things up by enabling effective multitasking for your fork truck with this well-designed forklift attachment. Technical dimensions below. Remember –  you can always speak to one of our design engineers. Or have a field engineer survey your application to ensure your purchase or project is a total success every time.


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