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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Chrome Wire Shelving 660-1860mm High

From: £115.00

Chrome wire shelving in a choice of 5 heights. Depending on the height, bays have 2 to 6 levels.

  • Width:  915mm
  • Depth:  355mm
  • Heights:  660mm, 965mm, 1270mm, 1600mm or 1880mm

Product Details

With its attractive appearance this chrome wire shelving is ideal for retail environment taking visual merchandising to another level!

  • An all steel construction with a triple nickel and chrome plated finish
  • Adjustable anti-wobble feet allow leveling bays on uneven surfaces
  • Available in 5 heights with up to 6 levels
  • Compatible with a range of chrome wire shelving accessories like castors, round shelves and shelf dividers


  • Choice of heights:
    • 2 level shelving: 660mm
    • 3 level shelving: 965mm
    • 4 level shelving: 1270mm
    • 5 level shelving: 1600mm
    • 6 level shelving: 1880mm
  • Width: 915mm
  • Depth: 355mm
  • Shelf load capacity: 150kg
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