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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Budget Bin Cupboards Half Height with Storage Bins

From: £251.00

A great value range of half height metal bin cupboards with bins resting on a
series of metal poles for ease of entry/exit. They are ideal for storing small parts.

All models are 950mm high.

Product Details

  • All bin cupboard heights: 950mm
  • Choice of 4 bin cupboard sizes:-

ESPBC8 –   660mm wide x 495mm deep with 8 no.   Size 5 bins
ESPBC15 – 668mm wide x 395mm deep with 15 no. Size 4 bins
ESPBC24 – 640mm wide x 290mm deep with 24 no. Size 3 bins
ESPBC54 – 678mm wide x 195mm deep with 54 no. Size 2 bins

Size 2 bins – 73mm high x 103mm wide x 140mm deep

Size 3 bins – 124mm high x 143mm wide x 194mm deep

Size 4 bins – 149mm high x 201mm wide x 295mm deep

Size 5 bins – 180mm high x 305mm wide x 420mm deep

  • The bin cupboard bins come complete with card labels
  • Bins are blue
  • Painted steel outer case
  • The cupboards require some assembly, simply insert the metal poles to create your levels.
  • The metal poles can be adjusted to suit the size of your bins
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