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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Single Sided or Double Sided Bin Rack


From: £574.45

These bin racks are available either as a single sided or double sided unit and with the option of extension bays. They come complete with the polypropylene storage bins.

Scroll down to view the details of each bin rack model and the size/number of bins provided.

Product Details

  • Bin Rack with robust light grey frame & tough galvanised louvred panels
  • Single or double sided
  • Complete with polypropylene bins
  • Option of extension bays when you need to expand your bin storage
  • Overall bin rack size:  1920mm high x 930mm wide

Bin Sizes:

Size 1 – 106mm wide x 136mm deep x 76mm high

Size 2 – 106mm wide x 187mm deep x 76mm high

Size 3 – 140mm wide x 274mm deep x 127mm high

Size 4 – 210mm wide x 375mm deep x 179mm high

Size 5 – 280mm wide x 457mm deep x 254mm high

Model Type No. Size 1 Bins No. Size 2 Bins No. Size 3 Bins No. Size 4 Bins No. Size 5 Bins
ESBRSS01Z Single Sided 16 24 12 8 6
ESBRDS03Z Double Sided 32 48 24 16 12
ESBRSS05Z Single Sided 32 24 16
ESBRDS07Z Double Sided 64 48 32
ESBRSS09Z Single Sided 24 24 24 12
ESBRDS11Z Double Sided 48 48 48 24
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