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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Aluminium Platform Steps

From: £170.55 excl. VAT From: £140.00 excl. VAT

Aluminium platform steps  with strengthening beam on non-slip treads.  The platform ladder features rubber feet and aluminium side arms to help prevent slips and twists.

  • Platform heights from 600mm to 23300mm.
  • Certified to EN-131 Professional.
  • Available in 8 sizes of 3 to 12 treads, with or without handrails.
  • Complete with integral tool tray

Product Details

  • Folding aluminium platform steps
  • Certified to EN-131 professional
  • Meets all strength requirements of BS2037 Class 1
  • 80mm Non-slip serrated treads made of unique strengthening beam
  • Rubber feet & aluminium side arms which help to prevent slips and twists
  • Easy to carry & move around
  • Ideal for maintenance applications
  • Complete with integral tool tray for storage of tools
  • Choice of 8 models with or without handrails:
    • 3 Treads-  Closed height: 1370mm. Platform height: 600mm. Weight: 6.5kg
    • 4 Treads-  Closed height: 1600mm. Platform height: 900mm. Weight: 7.3kg
    • 5 Treads-  Closed height: 1840mm. Platform height: 1100mm. Weight: 8kg
    • 6 Treads-   Closed height: 2090mm. Platform height: 1300mm. Weight: 9kg
    • 7 Treads-   Closed height: 2330mm. Platform height: 1600mm. Weight: 10kg
    • 8 Treads-   Closed height: 2580mm. Platform height: 1800mm. Weight: 11kg
    • 10 Treads-  Closed height: 3070mm. Platform height: 2200mm. Weight: 13kg
    • 12 Treads-  Closed height: 3450mm. Platform height: 2700mm. Weight: 15kg
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