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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Adjustable Pallet Truck – Capacity 2200kg

From: £525.00

This versatile adjustable pallet truck is perfect for a variety of pallet sizes and avoids the need to have different sized pallet trucks for moving different pallets.   This pallet truck can be easily adjusted to suit the different pallet sizes.    3 different fork lengths are available.

  • Capacity: 2200 kg
  • Lift height:  76-196mm
  • Width over forks: 400-520mm or 530-680mm
  • Fork lengths: 900mm, 1050mm and 1150mm

Product Details

  • Move all your pallets with one pallet truck instead of two or even three!
  • Ideal for applications where more than one type of pallet is used
  • Great for special/unusual sized pallets thanks to “infinite” adjustment
  • Available in three fork lengths:  900mm, 1050mm and 1150mm
  • Available in two fork width ranges:  400-520mm or 530mm-680mm
  • Each fork is 150mm wide
  • Capacity:  2200kg
  • Lift height:  76-196mm
  • High quality hydraulic pump with controlled lowering
  • Ergonomic comfortable steer handle
  • Polyurethane wheels fitted as standard
  • Supplied with single load rollers

How to adjust the forks on the Adjustable Pallet Truck:

Adjustment of the forks is done manually.   The forks are secured with 3 bolts each. An allen key is used to loosen and tighten these. The allen key is kept in two plastic brackets underneath the A frame of the pallet truck. Loosen all bolts and slide forks to achieve the desired width across them.  First tighten the single bolt at the fork heels. While doing this, check that forks are straight and parallel.   Only then tighten the two top bolts on each fork. Check all bolts are secured tight. The pallet truck is now ready to be used in its new width configuration.   All bolts must be secured tight in order to prevent them from coming loose during usage.

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