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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Adjustable Bar Racking

From: £692.00

Adjustable bar racking with 5 or 10 arms and a base – designed to create a complete cantilever racking system. These racks can be customised with extra arms and end stops.  The prices given are per upright and you will need two uprights per bay.  Please note the end stops and base stops need to be ordered separately as they are not included.

Product Details

These freestanding bar racks are designed to store long and bulky loads such as timber and pipes.

  • Sold as single cantilever racks – multiple units can create a complete system of desired length
  • Minimum 2 racks are required – each rack comes complete with 5/10 arms and a base
  • Arms and end stops are available as optional extras


  • Single-Sided: 2000mm high x 627mm deep
  • Double-Sided: 2000mm high x 1127mm deep
  • Arm length: 500mm
  • Arm capacity: 500kg UDL

Optional accessories:

  • Extra Arms – 500mm long with 500kg capacity
  • Arm end stops – prevent rounded items from rolling off and thereby make loading & unloading easier as they simply flip down
  • Base end stops – pipes that slide into pre-drilled holes to keep stacked items in place


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