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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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AdBlue Spill Kits


From: £24.09

These spill kits are recommended for every AdBlue refueling point – they are specially designed for cleaning spills and leaks of AdBlue, as other kits are not suitable for use on this type of fluid.

Product Details

3 differently sized kits which contain highly absorbent socks & pads – the only suitable kits for cleaning AdBlue solution spillages.

  • A tested and verified AdBlue compliant
  • Manufactured from melt blown polypropylene
  • Used to prevent ground and surface waters contamination with urea solution
  • Perforated pads with double sided fibre coat provide better grip and absorption capacity
  • Available as 25, 50, and 100 litre kits:
    • 25 litre kit contains 3 socks x 120 cms, 10 pads & 1 disposable bag
    • 50 litre kit contains 2  socks x 120 cms, 25 pads & 1 disposable bag
    • 100 litre kit contains 5 socks x 120 cms, 40 pads & 3 disposable bags


  • Absorbent sock length: 1200mm
  • Absorbent pad size: 400mm wide x 500mm long
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