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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Electric Mobile Scissor Lifts

For higher transfer heights for heavy loads, we offer an electric lift in one platform size and three safe working loads from 300 to 800 kgs.  Easy to maintain, this product integrates with our accessories which include ball and roller track and a turntable unit.   We also offer Atex applications, scales and V blocks for reels and rollers along with stainless steel tops and anti spill sides.    Able to achieve a raised height of just over 1600mm for the half tonne model it can offer supporting roles for order picking, feeds on to vehicles, machinery and in line conveying systems as examples.

Although it is lifting equipment, it is not licensed but some basic training of how to operate the table is always advisable.  Here are a few pointers:-

  1. Position the table and set it up for transfer or operation.
  2. Make the transfer or complete the operation.
  3. Stand clear of the lift when raising or lowering it
  4. Never be tempted to reach in or through the scissors mechanism
  5. Never move the lift in an elevated position, lower it first
  6. Ensure that the load you are placing on the lift does not exceed the safe working load or the platform size as this could cause table to tip.
  7.  A means of restraint is supplied with our special fixtures and attachments.  However you MUST ensure that the load is stable at all times when you are moving it.  Ratchet straps are easy to fit and very effective.
  8. Always operate on a level quality surface capable of taking the loads.
  9. Use the brakes when lifting and lowering.
  10. Make sure the equipment is thoroughly examined annually or bi-annually if you are operating shifts or more if the work is high duty.

This is not exhaustive.  Please let us know if you are in any doubt and we can help you.

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