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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Engineered Solutions supply a wide range of conveyors specific to your requirements. Please give us a ring to speak to an engineer and get a quotation or leave your details below.


Belt Conveyors

We supply a wide range of belt conveyors to suit many different applications.

Belt conveyors can be simple stand-alone units or they can be integrated into more complex systems.

Standard widths are normally 100mm – 1350mm and standard lengths are from 0.75m to 25m.

Horizontal and incline/decline conveyors are also available.

Skatewheel Flexible Conveyor

Skatewheel Flexible Conveyor

Similar to the Roller Flexible Conveyor, this machine is very flexible and works well round corners.

Our flexible conveyors can be fitted with low inertia plastic or steel skate wheels. Plastic or steel rollers, mild steel and stainless steel bearings are also available, allowing all types of goods to be accommodated.  Please ask for further details and prices on these variations.

Roller Flexible Conveyor

Highly mobile, extremely flexible conveyors. They can be moved, stretched out and positioned in minutes. Simply wheel it out and expand it straight or around bends to suit your needs. When finished, just close the unit up and store away. 

This flexible conveyor has lattice side frames, which enable it to be stretched around corners or even tight bends with ease. These machines can be used on their own or to supplement existing installations in stores, warehouses or assembly lines.

  • 50mm dia PVC rollers
  • All metal parts bright zinc plated.
  • All castors swivel braked in all positions.
  • Telescopic height adjustable leg
  • Comes complete with pull out handles

High Rise Trailer Unloading Conveyor

High Rise Trailer Unloading Conveyor

This trailer unloading conveyor provides a cost-effective and very efficient method of unloading trailers and shipping containers where no level dock is available whilst substantially reducing manual handling. It penetrates 10 metres into the trailer or container. This conveyor can also be linked to a flexible conveyor enabling unloaded items to be directed to multiple storage locations or directed to an area for palletisation.

  • Fully welded extendable gravity roller tracks mounted on a robust welded chassis
  • Decks are adjusted by means of a screw jack adjustable platform to suit the vehicle height
  • Tracks are fitted with 50mm dia PVC rollers throughout apart from BZP steel in load area
  • Transfer sections between decks have 20mm BZP rollers
  • Decks have screw jack height adjustment
  • Conveyor standard width 600mm
  • Roller pitch:  nominally 65mm
  • It is important to choose the correct height to suit the application as the construction is fully welded and cannot be easily altered
  • Optional 3m extension track available, which is essential to bring the product down to an accessible height
  •  The conveyor will stack neatly away when not in use

Powered Vehicle Loading Conveyor

Powered Vehicle Loading Conveyor

A safe and very efficient way to both load and unload trailers and shipping containers. The vehicle loader has a hydraulically height adjusted main boom and can be fitted with gravity or powered flexible tongues to extend up to and into the trailer or container. Reduces vehicle turnround times whilst also reducing manual handling. This conveyor penetrates a container or trailer by up to 11.5m.

  • Mobile twin belt conveyor for box van and smaller container loading and unloading
  • Extremely compact and easily manoeuvrable taking up minimum space when not in use
  • Manual hydraulic height adjustment on main boom
  • Screwjack height adjustment on infeed table
  • Fully guarded and rollers shrouded
  • Slider bed construction 142mm deep
  • 600mm wide belt
  • 2 ply PVC griptop belt material
  • 0.375 kw geared motor unit
  • Conveyors fully reversible for loading and offloading
  • Twin belt design with forward/reverse, stop/start push button controls each end for ease of operation and safety
  • Manual hydraulic height adjustment on both belts to give the load/unload levels required
  • A useful option is the conveyor gravity roller tongue which may be manually extended or closed within the vehicle during loading or unloading
  • Can be used in conjunction with a standard expandable conveyor for moving goods between the warehouse and the vehicle tailboard

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic conveyor 700mm wide. Makes the loading and unloading of vehicles and containers quicker, safer and easier. Standard choice of open lengths from 4m to 12m.

  • Solid all-welded steel construction based on 75mm deep side channels with hollow section steel re-inforcing brackets and leg supports
  • High impact 50mm dia. PVC rollers at 65mm pitch throughout
  • 20mm dia. zinc plated steel rollers used in transfer sections to ensure smooth package travel between decks
  • Designed loading of 50 kgs per metre
  • Track width 700mm
  • Supplied with 5-inch standard castors
  • 700mm wide has twin rollers in transfers, all other widths are single rollers.

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