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If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

If you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!


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Engineered Solutions

Five life-altering achievements targeted for your business

Engineered Solutions are one of the leading UK material handling equipment and storage systems suppliers, designers, fabricators and distributors.

Best price right from the start

Most products and services you are usually offered are ‘after a process’, already decided a sort of “fait accompli” so the price is already decided and your only choice is to spend time shopping around and haggling for the best price. All very time consuming, even then there is a chance that when the goods arrive you will have to compromise against expectation.

Easy to use transaction systems on and offline

At Engineered Solutions, we have prepared a whole website of easy to find and understand everyday items. You can buy them online or direct from our 500+ page catalogue. Everything is fully priced with delivery rates worked out or included. Getting the job done couldn’t be easier!

Constant price checking

We have already price compared over 3000 items for you, so no worries about being caught out on price. If you do happen to find something we have missed or that has changed, then we will match it like for like, no quibbles.

Real life altering savings

Yet all this still amounts to less than 2% of what we do. We are, after all, engineers. That means we are able to build exactly what you want and when you want it. Better still you are now at the front end of the process where nothing has been decided, not the materials or price, nothing. So you can decide how to apply your money. 

Then strange things start to happen, like £500,000 buying £800,000 of classroom work benches, or a well targeted £15,000 saving the need to spend £45,000 on building foundations, or £39,000 spent on handling equipment saving £1,000,000 spent on a new building. We have even designed and constructed cargo grabs working in the worlds toughest conditions at 30% less for identical equipment, with more engineering and safer financial transactions than even the banks could offer!


The scope, integrations and influence of our combined approach provide unrivalled flexibility, project sourcing and time saving on a vast scale. If it can be designed, we will design it for you and build it. We have manufacturing facilities across the UK and Europe with engineering expertise that we can translate on an unparalleled level to produce results for your business, which will far exceed your expectations, and focus your precious resources like never before. Join the growing movement of people in our circle who won’t compromise on the best. Once you have sampled the quality of our work, you will never want to settle for anything less again.

For further help please provide us with your contact details and tell us a bit about your project or alternatively contact us on the number below and speak to one of our engineers.

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